Ordinance & Reminders

Ordinances have been written to enhance the quality of life for all within our community. For a copy of any ordinance, please contact the village clerk.


Before starting a home improvement or maintenance project, please remember to contact the Zoning Officer, at 630.365.6677, to see if a permit is needed


Village ordinance No. 2004-5, Section 3 (d) prohibits the parking of vehicles in any yard or other area of any lot or parcel of land other than an area of duly improved for parking purposes, such as a driveway. Under the same ordinance, Section 3(i), it is also prohibited to keep an inoperable motor vehicle on the premises.

Discharging of a firearm

Ordinance No. 2005-13, Section 1:824, prohibits the discharge of any firearm or air gun in the Village of Virgil.


Ordinance No. 2005-13, Section 1:825, prohibits the discharge, setting off, or selling of any fireworks in the Village of Virgil.

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